About Mr. Crawford

Personal Life
Mr. Crawford was born in Brigham City, Utah, where he currently resides. He lives with his wife and four children - two boys and two girls - and one large dog. Their names are Archer, Ellie (Elizabeth), Jayne, and Eli. Mr. Crawford enjoys reading, cycling, and hiking.

Mr. Crawford graduated from Box Elder High School in 1995. He went to Utah State University, where he majored in Anthropology, coming within one class of completing an absurdly large number of minors. Dreams of becoming a globe-trekking anthropological wonder changed when he discovered that his mother made more money teaching high school with a bachelors' degreee than his department head made with a Ph.D.

After a brief stint in the corporate world, including living in the four corners of the U.S., Crawford returned to school at Weber State University, majoring in History Education and minoring in Special Education. He student-taught at Box Elder Middle School, where the Powers-that-Be actually hired him to teach resource English classes. After three years in Special Ed., he moved to history, the subject he loves.

When a job teaching AP history opened at the high school, Crawford applied, hoping to teach AP European History and World Civilizations. Out of 40 applicants, the principal chose him, for some reason.

While teaching, Crawford returned to Utah State University, earning a Masters' degree in American Studies (offered jointly by the English and History departments) with an emphasis in folklore.

At Box Elder High School, Mr. Crawford currently teaches AP World History, Modern World History, and USU 1320: Civilization: Humanities. At another school he currently teaches U.S. History.

Contact Information
Mr. Aaron Crawford
Box Elder High School
380 S 600 W
Brigham City, UT 84302