World Civilizations

Unit 1: The Archaic World
Unit 2: The Classical World
Unit 3: The Medieval World
Unit 4: Renaissance & Reformation
Unit 5: Revolutions in Thought
Unit 6: The Early 20th Century
Unit 7: The Modern World

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The Archaic World

Archaic World Study Guide

Lost Worlds: "The Pagans" Video & Guide
Hinduism Reading Guide
Buddhism Reading Guide

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The Classical World

Classical World Study Guide

Greek Philosophers Reading Guide
Christianity Reading Guide

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The Medieval World

Medieval World Study Guide

Islam Reading Guide
Neoconfucianism Reading Guide

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Renaissance & Reformation

Renaissance & Reformation Study Guide

Renaissance Reading Guide
Reformation Reading Guide

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Revolutions in Thought

Revolutions in Thought Study Guide

Empire Building in Africa Reading Guide

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The Early 20th Century

Early 20th Century Study Guide

Rise of Dictatorial Regimes Reading Guide
The Middle East Reading Guide

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The Modern World

Modern World Study Guide

China Under Mao Reading Guide
Modern Problems Reading Guide

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